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Upgrade Your Moving Brand’s Social Media Pages

Social media plays an extensive role in today’s business world, no matter the niche. It helps build trust, improves customer engagement, and gathers reviews. If you want to keep all social media profiles of your moving company in the best light, avoid the situations we mentioned on the right.

You don’t have time to update your social media profiles regularly

Potential clients can’t find the social media pages of your business

Your social media pages don’t gather customer reviews

Your competitors have impressive engagement without effort

Your marketing team doesn’t understand your moving services

Grow Your Moving Company’s Audience Through Social Media

Social media offers you a variety of options to improve the online part of your moving business. The most exciting fact is that it isn’t tied to a piece of digital marketing; you can use it for every aspect. Here are options for how our management service can upgrade your moving company’s online presence with the sole power of social media.

Build Trust

We will use your pages to build trust in people interested in your service. The best way to do that is to share information about your moving company, updates, pictures of your team, or videos of your moving projects. All that can help you look legit and make people trust you.

Improve Customer Engagement

Posting relevant and engaging content will improve your customer engagement, but there’s more. The key is to post regularly to stay visible to people who will book your service sometime in the future. Consider it an investment.

Buil SEO Authority In Google’s eyes

Building a social media audience will make them click on the link to your website in the post, google your company, or click on your link that appeared in the search engine for a particular keyword. All that affects the SEO status of your website positively.

Update Profiles On a Regular Basis

Building trust (or any other action on social media) will only work if you are constantly active on your pages. To do that, make a posting schedule and stick to it. Our Social Media Management service will ensure the posting schedule is created and respected.

Gather Customer Reviews

What is a better way to show the world you are a legit company than to let your old clients leave a review on different social media pages? With this option, you are covering more pages, making you look legit on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, X (former Twitter), etc.

Use Highly-targeted Ads For Lead Generation

Ads on social media are very precise, meaning we can target your audience by age, gender, location, interests, etc. That gives you a high conversion rate, making ads very profitable. The best thing is that you can use them to raise awareness, grow your audience, or even generate leads!

Social Media Management Process

Every management includes updating, upgrading, monitoring, and improving
Our management process is the same:



Contact us through the Get Started page, and we will see how we can change your social media pages.



The first step is upgrading social media pages, adding necessary information, pictures, or videos.



Every week, we will post a new post on your social media to keep the pages updated and active.



We will use analytics to see the results of each post and find out if there is anything we can change or adjust.



With time, we will see improvement in the form of a wider audience, more visitors, and reviews.

We Cover Every Social Media

Gathering a crowd on your social media pages is a process that consists of different activities because you are building your brand’s image and your relationship with customers. Our extensive service doesn’t stop at one social media – we cover them all.



X (former Twitter)




Here is Why You Should Stand Out On Social Media

Around 80% of people today will reach out to a brand they are interested in through social media. That is a high percentage of potential leads you aren’t getting because you aren’t active or don’t have the social media pages of your moving company. Here is why we strongly recommend owning an updated and active social media for movers:

Staying Up-To-Date With Trends

This might seem basic, but many people will skip your company if you don’t have social media. They will decide to go to your competition simply because you don’t have it or you posted something a few months ago.

Use Content To Your Advantage

It isn’t enough to post anything to keep your page active. You have to share useful content. You can post informational posts about moving, and the week after that, post news about your company, introduce your team, etc. Always keep it interesting, and don’t recycle old posts.

Grow Website Traffic

Now that you caught the audience’s attention point them to your website. Add links to your website in each post and improve your website traffic with parties from social media interested in your moving company service. Every click on the link is a potential lead.

Improve The Trust With Pictures And Videos

Posts aren’t the only way to keep the audience interested. Add pictures of your moving company team, trucks, and work. You will have more subjects to keep your pages active, and people will see you are a legit company that provides high-quality moving services.

Share Reviews Of Your Past Clients

Social media is a great place to show potential clients a thing or two about how you do business. You can add existing reviews of your past clients or ask them to write new ones. They can add comments below your posts or rate your business on the Page.

Generate Leads With Ads

If you want instant results, you don’t have to consider brand awareness. Use Facebook, Meta, and X (former Twitter) ads and target people looking for your service. Target them by age or interests and generate new leads in a week or less.

Leave Social Media management to us


Keeping multiple social media accounts can be overwhelming. We ensure every step is organized to prevent that feeling.


Through the years, we developed a bullet-proof method that improves the moving company’s social media no matter what.


We keep our eyes on every detail regarding social media, no matter whether you want new leads or to raise brand awareness.


Our work with movers in the past years has made us aware of how they tick. We know how to improve social media in the niche.

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Social Media management for movers FAQ

What is a social media management service?

A social media management service is a service that keeps the social media pages and profiles of your moving company under control. Our management service upgrades your social media pages, keeps them updated by regularly posting different content, manages reviews and comments, and writes and launches ad campaigns to generate leads or raise brand awareness.

What is the cost of social media management services?

On average, social media management service costs around $500 per month. If it includes ads, you must add a budget because it is not included in the price. It is an average cost on the market for the management fee alone.

What social media pages do you manage?

We can manage every social media page you have, or you want to have. The most popular social media pages are Facebook, Instagram, and X (former Twitter), but you can also ask for TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

What social media should the moving company have?

Facebook, Instagram, and X (former Twitter) are the best social media for movers. You can also use other social media, but these bring the best results in our experience.

Do you monitor comments, messages & reviews?

We monitor your social media page, including comments, messages, and reviews. It is the best way to keep it under control and react when someone posts a comment or review, even sending a message.

Does your social media management include advertising?

Our social media management includes advertising, but it is not mandatory. You can start with a social media page upgrading and updating service, then continue with advertising after some time.

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