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Our lead generation strategy is ready to bring high-quality leads to your moving company! Use our proven methods to create a steady lead flow to your website and avoid shady websites that share leads. Contact us to grow your moving business with unique leads!

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Moving Companies

Our portfolio includes more than 20 moving companies across the US.


Client Retention

Most of our clients have been with us for a year and they don’t plan to leave.


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Soon we will reach our “15,000 moving jobs generated for our clients” milestone.

Grow Your Business With Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation is a great choice for a startup company looking for first customers or a well-established moving company that wants to upgrade or expand its business even more. It is easy to define whether you need more leads or not; read the sentences and if you are familiar with at least one situation, lead generation is a good choice for you.

You have a bad experience with shared leads from resellers

A moving company you’ve just created is ready for first customers

You need more moving jobs to take your business to the next level

The “slow season” creates doubts about the survival of your brand

Competitors generate leads left and right and you have no idea how

Lead Generation For Moving Companies

The lead generation strategy is adjustable which makes it a great choice for moving companies who don’t want to rely on one method to bring unique leads. Using different methods is a way to bring the best results to the table and here is what you can combine. All those factors improve lead generation by a long shot:

Website development & optimization

Optimizing your moving company website with conversion in mind through modern design, related content, calls to action, and real-time testimonials to prove your legitimacy.

Search engine optimization – SEO

Proper SEO methods alongside detailed keyword research and analysis bring you one step closer to the top of search engine results, which brings more visitors that can turn into high-quality leads.

paid ads (Google Ads and Meta Ads)

The paid ads strategy focuses on Google Ads and Meta ads (Facebook and Instagram) and reaches persons actively looking for your service. You can target audiences based on their location, gender, age, interests, etc.

Leads For Moving Companies

Online directories activation

Making profiles on legit online directories is another great way to bring leads to your website. We are talking about directories made for people looking for movers, builders, and other repairmen.

Google Business Profile

Creating and optimizing your Google Business Profile the right way puts you at the top of Google Maps for your service area, bringing you visitors from Google Maps as well as its search engine.

email newsletter

The newsletter focuses on people who are familiar with your brand. With weekly or monthly newsletters you can share deals, services, and other content reminding them you are here if they need relocation services.

social media management

Reaching an audience on Social media is another way to bring leads but from a different channel. Keep your Social media updated by regularly sharing deals, media, and reviews from other customers on all profiles.

How does Our moving lead generation Service work?

Our moving lead generation has a special routine that guarantees great results.
Here is what you need to do to see those results:


Starting Point

Reach out to us through our Get Started page and let us know what you are interested in.



Together, we’ll make a detailed lead-generation plan that will bring you the desired results in no time.


Setting Up

We will work on optimizing your website, Google Business Profile, and Social media profile.


Traffic Source

Our next step is to use SEO, Google and Meta ads, and online directories to set up traffic sources.


Final Results

Your only task now is to sit down and wait for lead generation to start bringing you moving leads.

Lead Generation Package Includes

Consider digital marketing as an investment because you are raising awareness about your brand to persons who are interested in your service and are actively looking for it. For best results, it is important to maintain a constant lead flow no matter the season, and to achieve that, use different lead sources and build your digital marketing. We will adjust our service to the lead sources you have and the outcome you want to achieve. For best results, we can do it all:

Web Design


Social Media

Online Directories

CRM For Tracking

Pay Per Click

Meta Ads

Google Ads

Backlink Building

Reputation Management

Should you buy leads from online Providers?

You can buy leads online, but it is not something we would recommend. Generating your own leads makes sure those leads are high-quality, unique, and tailored to your moving service and offer. Buying leads online has some drawbacks, for example:

Shared Leads

Once you buy a lead online, you will share it with 10 other moving companies who also bought those same leads from the same provider.

Different Lead Location

Don’t be surprised if you find a lead or two on the list that isn’t located in your service area, or anywhere near it.

Expired Leads

Once you buy a list of 50 leads, there is a chance you will get a few expired leads (moves on 31st of June, you received it on 2nd of July).

No Matching Preferences

You buy leads that end up looking for a service you don’t provide. For example, leads need international move which isn’t part of your service.

Lead Generation Experts Worth Hiring


Our team has a 15-year of experience in digital marketing and everything related to it, including lead generation for movers.


Thanks to our proven lead generation strategies, you can expect results in the form of high-quality and unique leads.


We can easily customize and adjust the process for even better results if you change your mind at any step of the way.


You can be sure you will get unique leads, made for your moving company with your moving services in mind.

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Lead Generation for movers FAQ

What are leads?

Leads are people who showed interest in your moving business and service in a certain way (visited your website, contacted you via email or phone, subscribed to your newsletter, followed your brand on Social media, etc.)

What is the best way to get leads for my moving business?

The best way to get moving leads is to combine methods that improve your website traffic by reaching the top places on search engines with your website optimized for conversion, relevant content, and detailed keyword research. By combining SEO methods, paid ads, online directories, Social media engagement, and other strategies, you can generate moving leads and grow your business.

How much is one moving lead?

The average price per shared moving lead is 10-100 dollars, but that doesn’t mean much because you can’t measure profitability upfront, especially with low-quality leads like the ones you buy online. Shared leads usually come with competition because other moving companies have also bought the list from the same reseller. If you invest in updating your website, improving your rank on search engines, and using ads you will receive leads from different sources, leads that need your company and are unique (you don’t have to share them with other companies). In this case, you aren’t paying leads directly, you are investing in your online business and generating leads in return.

Why should I use lead generation for movers?

You should use lead generation to bring new and unique leads to your moving business which you can then transform to customers. It is one of the best ways to raise brand awareness, increase sales online, and grow your business.

Where do leads from your service come from?

Our service generates leads that are unique to your company. We use your website, newsletter, Social media profiles, online directory profiles, and ads to create opportunities for interested customers to take action towards your company. We don’t have random lists of people in need of a moving company because we want to provide you with high-quality ones.

How can I tell if your leads are high-quality?

Every high-quality lead is a lead that fits your preferences. That means you can easily transform those leads into customers because they are already looking for movers and they are within your service area. Our lead generation works on that principle. We use your online presence to generate leads, meaning you will get unique leads that will find you on search engines, your online directories, or Social media profiles and contact you about the service they need – your moving service.

Should I buy moving leads online?

Buying leads online is not something we would recommend. Yes, most of them are cheap and you can get them in a short time, but they aren’t worth it because most of those leads you won’t be able to use. They may be out of your service area, look for services you don’t provide, even expired leads (need a move on the 28th of July, and you bought the list on the 30th of July).

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