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Our PPC management service will provide the most profitable set of Google and Meta ads tailored to your moving company! Reach only the best clients with our proven strategy that creates eye-catching ads thanks to our experienced marketing team!

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Moving Companies

Our specialty is moving companies from all across the US, but only one brand per city.


Client Retention

We take our clients seriously and that is why most of them are here to stay.


Moving Jobs

Generating moving jobs throughout the entire year means no “slow seasons” for our clients.

Use Pay-Per-Click For Most Profitable Advertisement

Pay-per-click is one of the best methods to get the attention of people looking for your service. But, creating a profitable ad is not as easy as it seems, nor is tailoring the perfect audience. If you can find yourself in at least one of the sentences on the right, hire our PPC -management service because your ads need a push in the right direction!

You are spending too much of your budget on ads without results

You want new moving jobs today, not in a few months

Nobody can see your ads on Google, Instagram, or Facebook

There are no changes in sales before adding paid ads

Using the auto-manage option on paid ads seems like a good idea

You have no idea how your competitors have profitable paid ads

Create cost-effective Ads To Attract The Right Customers

SEO is a long-term strategy, perfect for raising brand awareness and generating leads, but it takes a few months to see the results. If you want instant results more in lead generation than in brand awareness, paid ads are a far better option for you. Pay-per-click is a type of advertising that produces fast and impressive results on search engines if done right. With it, you can create ads on Google, Bing, and Meta (Facebook and Instagram). Here is what you have to do to keep your PPC in the best shape on Google, Bing, and Meta.

Paid Ad Accounts Audit

Looking at your Meta and Google Paid Ads profiles helps us see what you have done in the past and how familiar you are with the entire system so we can act accordingly.

Detailed PPC Keyword Analysis

Every city has a different trend so making a detailed keyword analysis is the right step toward targeting the audience, defining a healthy budget, and deciding on the paid ads methods.

PPC Service For Moving Companies

Landing Page Optimization

The landing page on your website must be up-to-date and in harmony with the ads you use to attract customers. We consider factors Google uses to boost some websites’ rank to strengthen the position even more.

Tailor The Perfect Audience

By combining keyword analysis, current trends, and a new landing page, creating the perfect audience shouldn’t be a problem. The base for it is here, now it all needs to mix and apply the knowledge.

Creative Ad Writing

Writing a good ad means giving interested parties what they are looking for. Ads should be easy to read, and relevant to the problem they have by offering the best solution.

Tracking Conversions

Auto-manage is not something anybody should do with their ads. Tracking conversions is the best way to improve and optimize the existing ads to keep their results at the highest score.

Strategy Behind Our Pay-Per-Click Process

Each ad we create has a carefully planned set of steps behind it.
This is how we set our Google & Meta Pay-Per-Click Ads:


Marketing Plan

We will analyze your paid ad profiles and keywords for your area so we can make a marketing plan.


Landing Page

We will create a landing page with optimized content, meta description, and user experience.


Tailor Audience

Tailoring the right audience considers your service area and a keyword analysis.


Campaign Launch

Once everything is ready, the next step is to launch a campaign with the perfect audience in mind.


Track Results

The only thing left is monitoring conversions and optimizing ads for the best results.

Our Pay-Per-Click Service Includes

Our Pay-Per-Click service is much more than creating ads and making them go live to bring you customers. To keep the service profitable, we analyze the market and the audience and create the best outcome for your moving company before launching a campaign. Here is what you will get with our service besides ad creation:

Ad Account Analysis

Keyword Research

Competition Analysis

Tailoring Audience

Creating Ads

Launching Campaigns

Tracking Results

Adjusting Campaigns

Benefits of Pay-per-click advertising

Why should you pay for ads when there are SEO, Social Media, and other ways to attract customers interested in your service? If this is what is going through your mind, let us explain to you why paid ads are a great solution, especially for companies who want to grow their business the right way:

Instant Moving Leads

If you compare SEO strategy and paid ads, you should be aware that SEO takes several months to show results, while paid ads can give you results in a week or even less, if made properly.

Create Your Audience

SEO and Social Media come with somewhat random audiences, but with paid ads, you can create your own audience based on location, gender, age, and interests.

Measure Your Success

Conversions, trends, audience, and everything connected to paid ads are measurable. That means you can track each campaign you make and if you aren’t satisfied, optimize it to your liking.

Increase Website Traffic

Paid ads link to your website and each time someone clicks on the ad, they will come to your landing page, increasing the overall traffic on the website.

Retargeting Customers

It is a good idea to retarget people who were on your website before and add them to your audience. With a simple retargeting campaign, you can remind them that you are here and offer your service.

Reach The Top Of Search Results

Even though it is not a natural path, paid ads can give you the opportunity to be at the top of search results so people who are Googling certain keywords can find and see your ad easily.

The Best Pay-Per-Click SERVICE


We have been part of the digital marketing world for more than 15 years and we know it like the back of our hand.


Paid ads are great, as long as they pay off. You can be sure that our strategy will make them profitable for you and your company.


Our attention to detail will make sure we notice every small change in your campaign and react accordingly.


You can change advertising campaigns to improve results. We’ll notify you about changes we make to keep you in the loop.

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PPC for movers FAQ

Is advertising on Google or Facebook expensive?

Advertising on Google or Facebook can be expensive, especially if you don’t know what you are doing and how to set up ads, track conversions, and adjust the results to your needs. If you want to keep the advertising within your budget, hire experts who will adjust their strategy to your wishes and possibilities.

Why is PPC management important?

PPC management keeps your ads in check, making sure every ad set and campaign is profitable. This is the best way to prevent ads from wasting your money on ads that don’t perform well.

Who will work on my PPC campaign?

We will provide you with a project manager who will lead a team of experts who will analyze, create, track, and adjust your advertising campaign. This project manager will be a communication channel between you and the experts handling your campaign.

Do I have to write content for ads?

No, you don’t have to write anything for ads, but you will have to provide information about your company and media materials such as pictures or videos of your moving trucks, moving team, etc. so we can make captivating and true ads about your moving company.

How will you create ads for my moving company?

We will create ads that fit your business after we get to know your way of work, service area, team members, and services, you provide. Then we will analyze keywords specific to your service and location and combine the knowledge we gathered to create ads.

How much does your PPC service cost?

The PPC service on average costs around 1,000 dollars in today’s market plus our service fee. Our service includes Google Local Service Ads, Google Search Ads, and Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram Ads). The final price depends on what you decide to go with after you reach out through our Get Started page.

What is the minimal budget for ads?

We recommend setting aside a minimum of $1000 for the ad budget for advertising on Google, Bing, and Meta. There is also our service fee which is not included in the ad budget. The ad budget is 100% reserved for ads.

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