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With this detailed guide, you will bring your moving company’s digital marketing to the next level! Don’t leave any stone unturned regarding your company because every part of your online business affects your sales, calls, and customer satisfaction!

We covered these chapters so you can analyze every step of your moving business:

How to Advertise a Moving Company?

Do you know what makes marketing tick and how switching to online marketing can increase your calls, bring you customers, and drive sales through the roof? Look no further because you will find it here!

Generate Quality Moving Leads Each Week

Generating moving leads comes through different online sources. Focus only on sources that are a good choice for your lead generation besides the regular Google search engine, and our book will help you make that choice.

GBP is Your Starting Point

A Google Business Profile is the base for ranking, advertising, and lead generation on Google. A well-optimized Google Business Profile is the main reason you can rank high for your local searches on Google and Maps, without too much hassle. Our GBP optimization strategy can help you with that!

Build a Website For Conversion

Covering every part of your online presence means analyzing and fixing your GBP, website, and Social Media. In this book, we are focused on completely optimizing your website, from technical parts such as speed, responsiveness to content, and SEO requirements.

Dominate Your Local SEO

Your most important goal is to generate leads and drive calls in your service area which means local SEO is what you need to dominate. Prepare to outrank your competition with special SEO strategies explained in our book in detail!

Connect With Your Customers On Social Media

Social Media holds a big chunk of marketing these days. That is why you can adjust it to your needs, find the right audience, and take a bite of that chunk with our strategies and valuable advice.

PPC For Maximum Results

PPC is a true advertising method that targets an audience close to your line of work – moving. We developed a winning strategy for moving companies and we want to share it with you.

Improve Your Conversion Rate

Dominating your local SEO, generating leads, and advertising on Google or Social Media are all aspects you can affect to improve your conversion rate. But there are a few tricks up our sleeve in this department, too, and you can learn more about them in The Best Known Mover eBook!

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Who Stands Behind The Best Known Mover?

Eddie is the founder and CEO of Movers Marketing Crew. He made this eBook with one particular goal; to weed out wrong information about digital marketing so he can help companies thrive in a highly competitive area of their moving business. Besides 15-year-long digital marketing experience, his area of expertise is moving companies, which this eBook and website are made for.


Over the years, before Movers Marketing Crew, he had the opportunity to work with many different companies providing digital marketing services. Since then, he has gathered experience and a great team that knows the secrets to the mover’s success in generating leads, improving online presence, and keeping your brand’s reputation high and spotless!

Take Your Moving Business to the Next Level!

Most books are based on knowledge without experience and made-up examples, which are good in theory but can’t help much in real life. That is why we’ve made this ebook with a twist. Every example we mentioned in the book is based on the real company, issues, challenges, and solutions from the real world.

So, if you need a book to guide you through the real world of digital marketing for moving companies, The Best Known Mover is your real choice!

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