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Movers Marketing Crew generates exclusive moving job opportunities with proven digital marketing methods that will bring your moving company to the next level!

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We have helped 23 moving businesses
in the US to grow their company.


Client Retention

Our clients stay with us
after 12 months of working together.


Moving Jobs

In the last two years, we have generated
new moving jobs for our clients.


Increase the flow of moving leads, calls, and quotes and become the best moving company in your service area (and further)!

When you own a moving company in the high-competitive area, keeping your phones ringing and your moving team busy can be a challenge.

Traditional marketing methods don’t work as you would like, and digital marketers promise you the world in online marketing but bring you low results because they need to learn how your niche ticks.

Knowing the niche inside out is one of the most important secrets in digital marketing. That is why the Movers Marketing Crew is a group of digital marketing experts who specialize in the moving niche so they can bring the best results.

Our Movers Digital Marketing Growth Strategy is a carefully tailored strategy that will bring results even in the most competitive areas!

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movers digital marketing growth strategy


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Are you looking for a solution to your moving jobs stagnation or a way to find new lead generation methods? You have come to the right place! Movers Marketing Crew specializes in moving companies, and we are here to increase your lead generation to a completely different level! We will do that by helping you dominate your local area with search engine optimization, social media, review management, and paid online marketing.

Online marketing offers many methods, solutions, and options you can easily get lost in. That is why we recommend that our experts handle digital marketing while you focus on transforming the leads we send your way through our proven marketing strategy into customers!

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Are you ready to generate more moving leads for your company? Then, cover our three steps and start improving your online marketing! 


Send us a request for a free audit, and we will show you what to improve to keep the lead numbers high. Our detailed proposal will also come with explained packages, pricing, terms of use, etc.


We will make you a custom-tailored marketing strategy based on the package that interests you the most. Every company gets a strategy from scratch because they are all different.


Based on the package you want, we guarantee 10-20 new moving leads each month. We are sure of it because we work on improving lead generation through Social Media, SEO, website development, and paid ads.

3 steps for digital marketing

why movers marketing crew


Our efforts and expertise are 100% focused on moving companies like your own to provide you with the best results.


We will keep you updated every step of the way so you know what you are paying for and what results to expect from our work.


We have a proven strategy developed especially for moving companies to generate more moving jobs in a short time.


Our organic and advertising methods, paired with a website that converts leads to customers, guarantee results every time.

results of our marketing strategy FOR MOVERS

Don’t take our word for it…
See what our numbers are saying!

Moving Company From Denver

We partnered with a moving company from Denver with our Optimize package. Three months later, they decided to switch to Advertise package, so we added Google Ads (Local Services Ads and Search Ads) to the equation. A few days later, they started generating 3-5 moving leads daily, some from organic traffic and some from Google paid ads.


Leads Per


Average Cost
Per Lead


Increase In Revenue

Moving Company From Alabama

Our Optimize package helped a moving company from Alabama to experience a jump in rank with their new website. We optimized their website content, bringing 50% of their web pages with carefully picked moving service keywords to the first page of the Google search engine.


Organic Visitors Each Month


Moving Service Kw On The 1st Page


Price Per
Moving Lead

Moving Company From Fresno

A moving company from Fresno had issues with Google Business profile optimization, so we took matters into our own hands. Our work on GBP resulted in a 54% increase in calls during the “slow season” than in the same period last year. The jump happened from December 2022 to January 2023, compared to December 2021 to January 2022.


Calls Each Week From GBP


Increase In
Website Clicks


Keywords Ranked In Local Listings

Movers Marketing faq

Is digital marketing for movers a good investment?

Yes, digital marketing is a good investment for movers because 97% of all people who search for a service (such as movers) search for a local business online. Making yourself visible online will generate more moving leads into moving jobs. Having a website, Google Business profile or an ad on the top of the Google search page will bring even more moving leads your way.

Is it worth it to invest in traditional movers marketing?

Traditional marketing is less effective than digital marketing, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on it. This type of marketing is better for branding and sharing news about your company. The best traditional marketing is “word of mouth,” where your customers recommend you to their friends or families, who then recommend you to their friends and family, etc.

What are benefits of investing in digital marketing for movers?

The biggest benefit of digital marketing is that you can adjust it to your needs. You can focus solely on your service area if you want, list all the services you provide (without confusion), and give useful advice to your audience through valuable content that will put you on the top of the Google search engine for organic traffic. Regarding paid ads, you can tailor your audience to your preferences and focus only on people with the highest chance of booking your service.

Do you offer guarantees?

Yes, we offer guarantees in the form of a minimum number of leads per month, no matter the package. Ask for a free audit and let’s discuss details.

How many new moving leads will I receive each day?

That is hard to say in advance. For example, you can receive organic and paid traffic leads, depending on the package. It also depends on your location, service area, budget, and the competition. The number of leads based on all those criteria can vary from 10 to 80 leads per month.

How fast will I see results?

That actually depends on the strategy. You will see the first results in organic visitors in about a month, but the best results are visible in 6-12 months. But, if you decide on paid ads, you will see results in less than a week.

How much do you charge for your services?

The overall price of our service depends on your interest and the results you want to achieve. We can confirm that our price is clear and transparent, without any additional or hidden expenses. That means you tell us your wishes, and we recommend a package with that particular service and the price upfront. That is our price until you decide to add or remove a service from our plan. For example, you can book our SEO service, PPC service, or both; it is entirely up to you.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, contracts aren’t our thing. We want you to be satisfied with our work, and that is enough contract for us.

Is there a setup fee?

No, we don’t have setup fees. You don’t have to worry about setup fees or hidden expenses because we charge a flat monthly rate for our services. The only way to change your monthly rate is to add or remove a service from our plan by letting us know at least a month in advance.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, there aren’t any surprising fees; everything is included in the price because we want to keep our partnership transparent from the first day.

We work with only
one mover in each city

You own all our work
(buy, don't rent!)

No contracts, no setup
fees, or extra expenses

Proven results for
moving companies

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