We are exclusive to movers

We work exclusively with moving companies serving the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Are you focused solely on local or small movers, or do you move families and businesses long-distance? Either way, we can help you upgrade your lead generation, grow confidently, and take your business to the next level with our proven digital marketing solutions. We have worked with: 

All-In-One Movers


Local Movers


Long-Distance Movers


Our Core Values

Are you looking for a digital marketing company that sees its clients as partners, not just as projects to work on? We are focused on relationships and mutual respect.

People First

To us, maintaining a good relationship with our clients is a must. We consider you our partner, which means we all have a role in making the best results and working in the best environment.

Consistent Trust

Our word is our bond, so you can be sure we will deliver the project on time and with quality. The trust has existed since day one because that is how we conduct our business.

Grow With Confidence

There is only success with a good relationship and trust. That is why we know your company will grow confidently thanks to our transparent communication and desire to succeed.

Our Story

The digital marketing journey started 15 years ago when our CEO, Eddie, made his first website and monetized its content from Google Ads and affiliate programs. Since then, he made more than 150 websites, some as a hobby while others were a part of his company. Thanks to good results, he gathered a small team who wanted to specialize in digital marketing.

Over the years, we have become experts in it, and a new idea was born – why don’t we use our expertise and help other small businesses? Working with clients was good, but we felt we were getting all over the place, so the best solution was to specialize in the moving niche. That way, we all could focus our effort and gather experience for just one business – Movers Marketing Crew.


Our company history

We have been around digital marketing for a decade and a half and have experienced a lot since then. Look at the path that’s led us to create Movers Marketing Crew!


First Website

Our CEO, Eddie, made his first website and started learning about digital marketing.


Company Founded

Once he realized he was good at it, Eddie started a company and turned his hobby into a profession.


Sharing Experience

The company’s policy switched from creating websites to providing marketing services to clients.


Movers Marketing Crew

We decided to specialize in the moving niche to give our clients the best results.

JOIN the movers marketing crew

Movers Marketing Crew is the perfect place for creative digital marketing heads who are constantly striving toward excellence.

Movers Marketing Crew is not your average marketing agency. Our team consists of ambitious individuals who love helping clients, know a thing or two about moving, and keep their digital marketing ideas sharp. If you can find yourself in this short description and want to work in the never-dull environment, check out our job openings and let us know what interests you.