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Are you ready to grow your moving business through the power of Social Media? Our advertising team specializes in creating cost-effective ads on Meta that will reach out to customers closely related to your moving company. Turn Facebook and Instagram into profitable lead generators by pressing our Get Started page and booking our marketing team!

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Our list of clients consists of 23 moving companies all across the US.


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Most of our clients stay with us after 12 months of working together.


Moving Jobs

We generated 14,620+ moving jobs for our clients throughout the years.

Use Meta Ads To Generate New Moving Jobs

Facebook and Instagram are perfect for brand awareness but are also great lead generators! Are you aware that you can create profitable ads that will reach the desired group of people, ones who are interested in your service? To do that, you have to do and think the opposite of the sentences on the right!

You spend your entire budget on Meta Ads without leads

You notice others’ ads on Facebook & Instagram but not yours

The Ad strategy and results on Metadon’t look good to you

There have been zero changes in leads since activating Meta ads

You aren’t satisfied with your digital marketing agency’s work

Find Your Perfect Clients With Precisely Made Meta Ads

Meta Ads are ads you can run on Facebook and Instagram because both social media are under the same name – Meta. Creating and launching a Meta Ads campaign lets you precisely target people interested in your moving service. Although it seems simple, there are many steps you have to go through before you are even able to launch the ad. Keeping Meta Ads at the top of their game consists of:

Meta Ads Profile Audit

Meta (Facebook and Instagram) ad profiles can give a good insight into what you tried or did with the ads in the past. If you don’t have experience with Meta Ads, it is not a problem.

Landing Page Optimization

A landing page connects your Meta Ad and your website that people will use to book moving services. That is why the page should be optimized, up-to-date, and with content that converts.

Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Ads For Moving Companies

Choosing The Right Audience

The best part about Meta Ads is that you can thoroughly target your audience. That means you can decide to advertise to the audience based on their age, gender, preferences, and interests.

Writing Compelling Ads

After targeting customers and optimizing the landing page, the only thing left is catching their attention with compelling ads our creative writers will make for your moving company.

Keep It Fresh

Ads on Facebook and Instagram aren’t recyclable, which means you can’t make an ad and use it forever. If you want the best reaction from your audience, you have to change ads every week.

Tracking and Management

Launching the campaign is not the last step, so our team will continue to track conversions and manage your Meta ads to keep them profitable every week until we reach the best results.

Creating Meta Ads For Movers

What does creating a Meta campaign look like?
Our step-by-step process will show you exactly that:


Advertising Plan

Share with us your wishes, and we will create a plan for advertising based on it and the research.


Define Audience

Defining the right audience is vital to target the right people with your ads.


Landing Page

Creating a landing page will allow your leads to find your website and service by clicking on Meta ads.


Publish Ads

We will create compelling ads and publish them as part of a campaign made for your audience.


Results Control

The only thing left is tracking and controlling results to keep ads in the best shape.

Meta Ads For Your Moving Company Can’t Go Without:

Writing an interesting ad for Facebook or Instagram is one of many things to do to attract customers. Our service also focuses on your account analysis, market, and keyword research to create the most profitable opportunities for your moving company on Facebook.

Account Analysis

Keyword Research

Landing Page Optimization

Creating Audience

Writing Compelling Ads

Publishing Ad Sets

Tracking Conversions

Adjusting Ads

Facebook and Instagram Marketing Benefits

Social Media is the perfect place to share your influence, spread the word about your moving company, or attract customers. When you combine that with Meta Ads, you will get a super-effective lead generator that will reach customers looking for your service, who can instantly check out your brand information, service, and reviews in one place – on Meta (Facebook and Instagram).

Immediate Moving Leads

We do the research, define the audience, write an Ad, launch it among prospective customers, and wait for them to click on the ad. Everything can happen within a few days or a week if everything is done right.

Choose Your Audience

The most interesting part about Meta ads is the fact that you can choose your audience by location, gender, age, and interests and use it all to define what is a perfect customer for your moving company.

Keep Track Of Conversions

Launching Ad sets lets us see how people react to them in real time. That way, we can adjust the ads accordingly and bring even better results than before.

More Traffic Toward Website

We’ve already mentioned optimizing the landing page that will be used as a connection between the Meta ad and your website. So, the traffic toward your website will increase with interested parties.

Retargeting Audience

Meta Ads are a good option for reaching out to people who were already on your website, Instagram, or Facebook Page or clicked on the ad. With this option, you can remind them about your moving service.

Raise Brand Awareness

Meta Ads don’t have to be focused on generating leads. You can also use them to bring traffic to your Instagram or Facebook Page or website and raise awareness about your brand to improve trust.

let our team handle your META ads


Our team knows Facebook and Instagram ads like the back of their hand so you can be sure they’ll come up with solutions to any problem.


This isn’t our first rodeo, and we have results to prove it if you want to know. Just hop on our Case Studies and check out some of our work.


Marketing service has to be profitable, and we are aware of that. Our service is cost-effective for every moving company that decides to work with us.


Facebook ads are prone to change, so we will keep you updated with all the changes we make to keep conversions high and leads coming your way.

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Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Ads for movers FAQ

How much do Meta Ads for movers cost?

The fee for this type of service in today’s market is around $500, but it doesn’t include the budget for ads. We recommend keeping the budget between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500 because it allows you to create and optimize different types of ads. That can eventually result in a better conversion and higher profit.

How fast can I see results from Meta Ad Sets?

Unlike SEO, Meta ads will provide results within the first week of the campaign launch. Their most significant advantage is that they can provide you with quick results, and you can measure those results weekly to adjust the ad sets for even better conversion.

What is the minimal budget for Meta Ads per month?

The minimum budget for Meta ads is $1,000 per our experience. This budget allows us to create different ad sets and combine different audiences and areas to quickly pinpoint the most profitable method for generating leads from Facebook and Instagram.

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