40 Trusted Online Lead Providers For Moving Companies

Every moving company depends on the customers looking for their service – leads. Advertising on flyers, billboards, and commercials on radio and TV stations are the most famous lead-generation options. But, they are not the only option. Another way to generate leads is by buying them online from different lead providers.

What Are Online Lead Providers?

Online lead providers are companies that generate leads for every niche (not just moving), no matter the lead’s type, style, or location online. They use different software, online databases, and traffic from their website to share information about your moving company with people who showed interest in your service through quotes, inquiries, and clicks. You can buy those leads for your moving company instead of generating them yourself. Whether that is a good idea or not, find out below.

Why Buy Moving Leads?

Buying moving leads can help you upgrade your moving business. Using lead providers will give you leads without too much hassle, most of the time you need to make a profile, set up a filter, and define what type of leads you are interested in. You pay for the service and you can expect leads in your inbox, phone, etc (depending on the lead provider). We know it sounds great, is it really that flawless?

Using online lead providers can have its advantages and downsides. The biggest downside is that they are selling shared leads. That means you will get, for example, a list of 100 leads from them, just like four other moving companies. So, that means you won’t be able to turn each lead into a customer, but only a smaller percentage, 10-20%. You may find expired leads on that list, leads that don’t need your service (but similar), that aren’t in your service area, etc. Only a handful of lead providers will give you replacement leads if you find expired ones on their list.

We don’t say buying leads isn’t profitable, what we say is that it isn’t for everybody. It is up to you to decide whether this method suits your moving company or not. What we can do is give you a list of well-known lead providers to save you time searching for them online.

List Of Online Lead Providers

The chart below lists online lead providers separated into two categories: general and moving. General lead providers provide leads for different niches (home improvement, moving, contracting, lawn care, roofing, etc.) while moving leads are entirely focused on one niche – moving. Another important factor you should consider is the payment option and that is why we included that information in the chart as well. You can decide between subscriptions, pay-per-lead, and free versions. Just keep in mind that free versions usually have fewer benefits than paid versions.

NumberWebsiteNichePayment Option
1.AngiGeneralFree & Paid Versions
2.ThumbtackGeneralFree & Paid Versions
3.HomeAdvisorGeneralFree & Paid Versions
5.Movers.comMovingPaid Version
6.Hire A HelperMoving29% fee on all orders
9.Mover JunctionMovingFree & Paid Versions
10.Compare My MoveMovingPaid Version
11.UnpaktMovingAnnual & lead fees
12.Quote RunnerGeneralPaid Version
13.Move AdvisorMovingMonthly fee
14.Quotes At HomeGeneralPaid Version
15.MoovsoonGeneralMonthly fee
16.Powered By ProsGeneralPay-per-lead
17.USA Home ListingsMovingMonthly fee
18.Moving LeadsMovingPay-per-lead
19.Just Listed MailersMovingPay-per-postcard
22.Data Axle GenieGeneralMonthly fee
24.LeadScrapeGeneralAnnual fee
25.My Moving ReviewsMovingPay-per-lead
26.Move MatcherMovingPay-per-lead
31.Top Moving Company 4UMovingPay-per-lead
35.One EntryGeneralPay-per-lead
37.Moving LeadMovingPay-per-lead
38.Moving ChecklistMovingPay-per-lead
39.Movers ExposedMovingPay-per-lead
40.Moving RelocationMovingPay-per-lead

Lead Generation VS Lead Providers

The biggest difference between lead generation and lead providers is the fact that with lead generation, you will receive unique leads – leads you won’t share with at least 4 other moving companies. Those leads are tailored to your requirements, and your service area and you decide how much money you will spend on them.

Lead generation is a service where you won’t experience a list of expired leads or leads that don’t fit your service area. It is a service that completely adjusts to your needs, requirements, and details around your moving company. It uses your own company as the biggest advantage and advertises your brand as the best solution to someone’s moving needs. It consists of SEO strategy, paid ads, newsletter campaigns, etc. If you are more interested in high-quality and unique leads, explore what we have to offer for that topic on our page about lead generation.

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