List Of SEO Keywords For Moving Companies In 2024

You have heard that writing captivating content can generate leads. But you can’t randomly write 1,500+ words about something, and expect it will boost the website’s traffic and bring you potential leads. For that, you will need knowledge of what people are actually searching on Google and other search engines in the form of relevant keywords.

The entire search engine optimization lies in detailed and proper keyword research. Before choosing your moving company keywords, you must study the market, location, and trends in the niche. All that data will help you determine which keywords have the most potential to bring you leads because this is your goal – generating more leads through online traffic.

Don’t get discouraged by the paragraph above. Choosing the type of keyword you want to compete for can be overwhelming; we know that. That is why we’ve made several lists with relevant keywords you can use to determine your keyword of choice. Use your moving company strengths and combine them with keywords. Choose keywords by services you provide, location, or helpful content you want to share.


The homepage is the most important page on your website. Usually, the rule is to use general keywords in it because, with this page, you are introducing your moving company to the public. Some of the most popular moving company keywords reserved for your homepage are:

KeywordSearch Volume
moving company301,000
moving companies near me90,500
local moving company22,200
best moving companies9,900
good moving companies9,900
professional movers5,400
best rated moving companies880
hire moving help480
reliable moving company320


Using keywords with a city in them is an excellent choice because you use the location that marks your service area. With them, you automatically emphasize where you operate, so people looking for movers in your area will find you, not those searching for movers 250 miles up north. Here are a few examples (the search volume depends on the city):

KeywordSearch Volume
Brooklyn movers27,100
best movers Brooklyn260
local Brooklyn movers110
great movers Brooklyn10


Use the moving services you provide as keywords to help people determine whether you are a good choice for them. With those keywords, you are showing what you do and what you want to compete for. For example, you don’t provide senior moving service? No problem, skip this keyword and pick the ones that are part of your service!

Local Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
local movers49,500
local moving company22,200
movers in my area1,300
local moving help 1,300
short distance movers1,000
local moving service880
best local movers480
moving companies nearby260
local packers and movers210
local movers with a truck70
city local movers10
local reliable moving services10

Long-distance Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
long distance movers33,100
long distance moving company33,100
best moving companies for long distance movers6,600
good long distance movers6,600
recommended long distance movers6,600
full service long distance movers210
best cross state moving companies110
professional movers long distance110
long distance furniture movers90
reliable long distance movers30
most reliable long distance movers20
long distance relocation companies10

International Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
international moving companies2,900
international moving services2,900
overseas moving company2,900
international movers1,600
best international moving companies480
best moving companies for international moves480
international relocation companies390
moving companies worldwide170
reputable international moving companies10

Apartment Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
apartment movers3,600
apartment moving company390
apartment moving services140
best apartment moving companies30
best apartment movers20

Household/Residental Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
household movers590
household moving company590
household moving services590
household goods movers170
best residential moving companies70
best residential movers70
best household moving companies20
best household movers10

Commercial/Office Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
commercial movers22,200
commercial moving company22,200
office movers5,400
office moving company1,300
office relocation services720
commercial moving services720
business movers720
office furniture movers320
small office movers140
small business movers10

Senior Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
senior movers2,900
senior moving services1,300
senior moving services near me320
senior relocation services260
moving help for seniors210
moving companies for seniors and disabled210

Student/College Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
student movers1,600
student movers near me210
student moving services140
student moving company140
moving help for seniors210

Military Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
military moving company480
army movers480
military relocation140
best military movers90
best military moving companies90
best moving companies for military families10

Heavy Item Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
heavy item movers390
heavy item movers near me320
heavy movers170

Appliance Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
appliance movers2,400
appliance moving company2,400
appliance moving service2,400
washer and dryer movers880
refrigerator movers480
refrigerator moving service210
air appliance mover140
heavy appliance movers110

Furniture Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
furniture movers14,800
furniture moving company14,800
help moving furniture1,900
couch moving service1,300
furniture removalists880
furniture moving service590
small furniture movers260
best furniture moving companies90
furniture removalists services20
reliable furniture removals10

Safe Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
gun safe movers2,400
gun safe moving company near me1,600
safe moving company880
gun safe moving company210

Hot Tub Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
hot tub movers5,400
spa moving company720
hot tub moving services590
hot tub moving company590
professional hot tub movers near me20

Piano Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
piano movers18,100
piano moving company18,100
piano moving service1,000
professional piano movers590
best piano moving company30

Pool Table Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
pool table movers8,100
pool table moving company8,100
pool table moving service8,100
billiard table movers8,100
professional pool table movers260
professional pool table movers near me50
pool table removalists20

Machinery Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
machinery movers1,600
heavy equipment movers1,300
large equipment movers1,300
heavy machinery movers590
equipment movers590
machinery moving company170

Single Item Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
single item movers near me880
single item movers590
need help moving one piece of furniture260
one item movers210
single-item furniture movers50
one item removals10

Small Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
small movers1,000
small moving company1,000
moving companies for small moves1,000
best moving companies for small moves210
small item movers210
best small movers210
best company for small moves10

Last Minute Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
last minute movers1,600
last minute moving company1,600
emergency movers480
same day moving help320
last minute moving help170
short-notice movers near me90

Movers By The Hour Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
labor only movers1,900
labor moving services1,900
moving help by the hour1,600
movers by the hour720
moving labor help480
moving help loading140
day laborers for moving90
movers to help load truck10

Full-Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
full service movers3,600
full service moving companies3,600
full service moving companies near me720
full service packing and moving companies260
best full service moving companies170
professional full service movers10

Packing And Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
packing and moving companies6,600
packing and moving services1,900
moving companies that pack for you1,000
packing and moving services near me320
packing and moving help140
professional movers and packers140
companies that help you pack and move20

Packing & Unpacking Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
packing and unpacking services720
unpacking service390
unpacking services near me260
movers that pack and unpack140
unpacking and organizing service110
unpacking movers70

Packing Service Only Page

KeywordSearch Volume
packing services9,900
packing companies for moving6,600
packing companies1,600
professional packing services1,600
packing only services390
house packing services390
best packing service110
best packing company10

Storage/Container And Moving Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
moving company with storage9,900
moving and storage companies5,400
moving and storage services4,400
professional movers and storage260
moving and storage service near me210
best moving companies with storage170
moving companies with temporary storage170
best moving and storage container companies10

Junk Removal Service Page

KeywordSearch Volume
junk removalists165,000
movers and junk removal880
moving junk removal880
junk movers near me480
trash movers110


If you want to educate people visiting your website, write helpful and educational content based on your service. That way you will earn their trust and you will show you have experience. Also, you will represent your website as an authority in the niche since you are handling advice, not just offering services to earn money.

KeywordSearch Volume
how to pack for a move3,600
how to move2,900
how to move a piano2,900
how to move cheap260
how to move fragile items10

Put Those Keywords To Good Use

Choosing the right keywords is a great way to boost traffic, but it isn’t the only step. Writing valuable content to readers will significantly impact their time spent on your website, which will impress Google and improve your rank on the search engines.

A good website organization is another trick you should use. When creating content based on your service, create a web page for each moving service you provide. That way, each service will have its chapter so visitors and Google can focus only on the wanted service. Others aren’t important at that moment.

Last but not least, the thing you have to take care of while creating content is adding proper media. Use your images and videos to ensure they are high-quality and related to the content. Original media will boost trust and authority and show everyone you are familiar with the topic, have experience, and are a legit moving business. This chapter has only scratched the surface of SEO and keyword research. If you are eager to learn more about those topics, visit our blog and find guides dedicated to SEO and keyword research!

Don’t underestimate the power of well-written and designed content based on carefully picked keywords!

If you have any questions or need help picking out the best keywords, reach out via email or contact us through our social media profiles!

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